IUP Math Students Present in Youngstown

Posted on 2/27/2018 6:41:19 PM

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, Tim Flowers took 11 IUP math students to the Pi Mu Epsilon Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Conference at Youngstown State University. Of those 11 students, five gave presentations on research they have done in mathematics at IUP.

Vincent Thompson, Bridget Scanga, and Sky Semone gave presentations on their research done as a part of the COMAP competition in mathematical modeling, which was advised by John Chrispell. Vincent and Bridget presented their work analyzing global trends in languages and locations for the expansion of a multinational company, and Sky presented the work from his research group on developing a mathematical model for a signal reflection off the ocean.

Victoria Jakicic presented “Zeros of Newform Eisenstein Series,” which was work she did this past summer at a Research Experience for Undergraduates at Texas A&M University in analytic number theory.

Lewis Dominguez presented work that he did with Shelly Bouchat in number theoretic representations of the real numbers in his talk titled “Finite Sum Representations of Real Numbers.”

Department of Mathematics