Huhn Presents on “Educator’s Rising” Pilot Program

Posted on 11/22/2017 11:45:52 PM

Professor Christina Huhn, Department of Foreign Languages, presented the results of a pilot project titled “Educator’s Rising” at the Pennsylvania Modern Language Association annual conference, held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on October 6–7, 2017.

The United States currently faces a significant teacher shortage, including here in Pennsylvania. Our current pathway to becoming a teacher is inconsistent, and the quantity of talented young people who are opting into teaching is insufficient to meet the future need for teachers. In response to this need, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages has partnered with an organization called Educator’s Rising to reach those who may be interested in teaching and provide them with inspiration, information, and direction in how to pursue a career as an educator.

The presentation shared the results of a small pilot undertaken on the IUP campus in spring 2017, and engaged Pennsylvania Foreign Language teachers in a discussion of how we can address this challenge.