Speech-Language Pathology 2006 Alumni Reunion Event a Success

Posted on 1/18/2017 11:02:24 AM

IUP speech-language pathology alumni who graduated in 2006 recently held a reunion on campus that included social events as well as professional presentations for current students. 

Alumni planned a variety of social events including coffee at The Commonplace, happy hour at Participants of 2016 Speech language pathology alumni reunionBenjamin's restaurant, a Saturday line-up including a family friendly lunch, a trip to a local Fall festival and pumpkin patch, and an evening of dinner and drinks at local favorites. They toured the campus to see all the changes and revisited the speech-language pathology program classrooms and clinic. Local alumni from 1993 and 2010-2012 also joined in some activities. The group included alumni from PA, VA, NY, FL, CT, who brought spouses and 16 children along to enjoy the festivities.2016 Speech-language pathology alumni Reunion event organizers

Alumni also presented a number of educational sessions held in Breezedale Alumni Center that were well attended by current students including first and second year graduate students and undergraduate students (about 60 total). Small group round tables allowed students to ask questions and learn about a range of topics. Two question and answer panels were included during the day. Specific lectures included the following:

Jess Dam Andersen:

  • Feeding & swallowing skill development: The very basics for infants, transitional feeders, and toddlers
  • Early feeding skill assessment in the NICU: Volume versus infant guided feeding

Fatima Hassan:

  • Supervision and the clinical fellowship year2016 speech-language pathology alumni Reunion event lecture
  • EBS Spanish immersion program / Bilingual certification

Lindsey Savinda:

  • Adult dysphagia in acute care
  • Tracheostomies and Passy Muir Valves; Head & neck cancer swallowing rehabilitation

Jen Smith

  • Clinical liaison and travel therapy

2 Panels of Q & A 

  • Lindsey Savinda & Jess Dam Andersen on Medical acute care, inpatient rehab, NICU through geriatric health, FEES versus MBS, Aero digestive, Trach/PMV
  • Fatima Hassan & Bria Lawrence-Millar on Educationally-based issues, early intervention, autism spectrum disorders, roles and responsibilities of SLPs in schools  

This event was a great success and helped reconnect alumni to the IUP campus and current students! We look forward to future alumni reunions for students who have graduated from the speech-language pathology Master's degree program!