Important Export Control Information for Traveling and Teaching Abroad or Working with Controlled Technologies

Posted on 4/10/2015 1:50:00 PM

The U.S. government regulates the international and domestic transfer of certain kinds of information, goods, technology, and software that it considers strategically important to national security.

These regulations come from three federal agencies and are called "Export Controls." If you, as an IUP employee, are traveling abroad, teaching abroad, or working with controlled technologies, please review the following information.

Are you traveling abroad to attend a conference, teach, conduct research, perform, etc.?

  • Your first step should be completing the International Travel Questionnaire, which helps us identify whose trips meet certain conditions that require special attention by the IUP Travel Office.
  • The Export Control Newsletter contains important information about:
    • Travel to Cuba
    • Items you can take on international travel
    • Restrictions that apply to students from Iran, Sudan, and Syria
    • Requirements for overseas programs that involve teaching, researching, or hiring local talent
      • Buying services from, or providing services to, individuals on the restricted parties list is forbidden, including teaching students overseas who are on this list.
      • IUP has a web-based service you can use to screen your class list against the restricted parties list if you are teaching oversees. Contact Hilliary Creely for information about how to access this service.
  • The International Travel webpage includes links to certifications and forms which must be completed before travel.
  • General information about Export Control can be found here, and includes IUP export control contacts.