Eberly Undergraduate Students Compete in Final Round of ACG Cup 2015

Posted on 3/27/2015 3:38:21 PM

Eberly ACG Cup participants included Nathan Rosenberg, Breanne Loveland, Christopher O’Brien and Mike Williamson, their advisor Mukesh Chaudhry and round one judges, alumni Dan Sarver and Don Haddad.Undergraduate students from the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology competed in both rounds of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Cup 2015.

“The ACG Cup is a case study competition for students, in which participating universities organize student teams which analyze and present the results of a case study focusing on mergers and acquisitions to a group of judges consisting of members of ACG Pittsburgh,” said Mukesh Chaudhry, team advisor and finance and legal studies professor.

Eberly’s undergraduate students competed and won the first round of the ACG Cup 2015, which was held in Eberly on February 24.  This was an internal round where Eberly undergraduate and MBA students competed for a spot in round two.

With this win, the Eberly students advanced to the final round of the competition held on March 19 at the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh. The undergrads went head-to-head with MBA students from Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh, and West Virginia University.

While their presentation was “flawless,” according to Chaudhry, MBA students from CMU stole the win. The MBA students had experience working in the industry as senior associates in private equity, accounting, and engineering firms and are in the master’s program in Finance. CMU was awarded a cash prize of $4,000 and the ACG Cup. Eberly and other runner-ups also received a cash prize of $2,000.

“Hopefully, next time we will have better luck,” said Chaudhry. “I think we have to take more initiative next time around and improve our team's performance. One major benefit of our team's presentation was that many judges congratulated them and told them that they did not know how young they were as they showed maturity far beyond their age.”

The ACG Cup 2015 gave Eberly undergraduate students a unique opportunity to put together a team and apply skills learned in and outside the classroom to a banking case study. This real world experience helps develop new skills and knowledge by overcoming challenges.

“By understanding and accepting, as a group, that each of us had different strengths and weaknesses we were able to excel as a team and develop beautiful results,” said Nathan Rosenberg, finance senior. “It was a rigorous week with little sleep, but a satisfying taste of the real world with an even more satisfying first round win.  We brought our motivation, perseverance, and attention to detail with us to the second round as well."

Eberly ACG Cup participants included Nathan Rosenberg, Breanne Loveland, Christopher O’Brien, Mike Williamson, and their advisor, Mukesh Chaudhry. Alumni Dan Sarver and Don Haddad were two of the four judges for the internal competition in round one (pictured above).

Casey Lemmons

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology