Calderon Published on Infant/Toddler Media and Language Development

Posted on 1/15/2015 6:37:47 PM

Curriculum and Instruction doctoral student Melissa Calderon’s chapter, “The Impact of Popular Media on Infant/Toddler Language Development: Research-Based Recommendations for Working with Families,” has been published in Kelly Heider’s and Mary Jalongo’s edited book, Young Children and Families in the Information Age.

This chapter examines the use of television and DVDs marketed to the parents of young children. The author presents research on the relationship between the use of popular media and infant/toddler language development. The benefits and concerns of popular media being shown to this age group with the intent of increasing language development are reviewed. Recommendations are provided for the support of infant-centered early language experiences. This chapter also presents research-based recommendations for the safe, developmentally appropriate use of media with young children.

Professional Studies in Education