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Writing Center Tutors Keep Busy During Spring Semester

Posted on 5/20/2014 1:01:52 PM

First-generation and second-language learners often encounter challenges to their developing writing skills. For those students, tutoring can be a crucial tool for interpersonal and academic success. 

The tutoring sessions at the Writing Center show that IUP students are using this tool. During Spring semester 2014, tutors conducted 2,009 tutoring sessions for students across many majors. 

One of the largest academic demographics served is the College of Health and Human Services. Students in Nursing, Criminology, and Safety Sciences majors also make frequent use of the Writing Center, especially to edit for brevity and clarity.

Sessions with students in majors ranging from Piano Pedagogy to International Business come to the Writing Center for feedback on the organization and flow of their writing. Sessions can focus on drafting skills, developing ideas with details and examples, style, grammar, punctuation, and citing sources.

While many students come to the Center on their own, others visit after being coaxed by a professor. According to the Writing Center’s own survey, over a third of students come for tutoring as a result of being referred there by a friend. 

Many second-language learners visit the Writing Center. Among the tutors, Master of Arts students in the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program provide a special level of expertise to assist those writers. They also help to train other students for such sessions. 

The number of students served is apparent in the growth of the Online Writing Center and the doubling of sessions in the Writing Center’s satellite location in the IUP Libraries, increasing from 100 to 200 sessions since last year.

In Spring 2014, 90 percent of tutees rated their sessions as “Very Helpful,” seven percent rated them as “Helpful,” and three percent as “Not Helpful.”

By Erin Guydish