Fisher to Give Second Talk on Systems Engineering at NASA

Posted on 4/22/2014 7:56:27 AM

Marcus Fisher, who will present the inaugural Science Inspires lecture, will also speak on “Systems Engineering, Two Cultures, and NASA Independent Verification and Validation” at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, April 25, in Stright Hall, room 226/229.

NASA systems are becoming overly complex, with newer challenges surfacing every day. Gone are the days where we can afford to rely on “Heroes” to come and save the project.  The good news is that NASA does not have to rely on “Heroes”; there exist proven, scientifically generated engineering methods and tools to help deploy successful systems.  But to do so requires an opening of minds to accept that there may be two cultures that need to be bridged. 

Even though NASA may be focused on building, testing, and delivering a particular subsystem, it must embrace the holistic perspective which is driving our particular subsystem entirely. It is difficult for the human to create the solution—how do you teach intuitive synthesis needed to go from perception of problem to an idea for its solution? Over the years, Systems Engineering has promoted that it brings tools and methods to the table to help bridge this gap. In this talk, Fisher will explore the concept of two cultures and its effects on system development, and in particular how the Independent Verification and Validation approaches strive to integrate the holistic view when determining whether or not a software system will work.

Marcus Fisher’s presentation is sponsored by the S-COAM program spearheaded by Yu-Ju Kuo and Rick Adkins.

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