Mandel Spoke on Male Relationships, Intimacy, and More Monday Night

Posted on 10/15/2013 3:42:20 PM

Hank Mandel, producer of the film “Five Friends,” spoke to an engaged audience on Monday night at the Six O'Clock Series, Men's Friendships: No Man Can Make the Journey Alone.

Attendees were able to watch almost half of Mandel's film, a documentary that touches on the subjects of male relationships and male intimacy, and sheds light on five of his closest friends and the bonds they share. Mandel discussed why it is important for men to have these types of relationships and how his personal experiences brought him to these realizations.

Towards the end of his presentation, Mandel opened up to the audience with a story he had never told live, only on camera for his film. He revealed that he had been the victim of sexual abuse as a child. Still trying to overcome these events, with the help of his friends, Mandel is now trying to help others who have went through or are going through the same thing. He said that when people come to him and say, "Me too," that makes it all worth it, to know that he and his film have helped people through the experience.