Tell Your Legislators: IUP and PASSHE Deserve Their Support

Posted on 6/6/2013 3:02:23 PM

At IUP, we are proud of our history of offering the most affordable quality education in the commonwealth. As a graduate, you more than anyone else can share with public officials the value of your experience.

We are asking you to do just that by contacting your legislators to let them know how important their continued state funding support for the Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education universities is to you.

This month, the General Assembly begins its work toward the adoption of a state budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The process has already begun in the House with the introduction of the House Republican Budget plan which includes $412.8 million for PASSHE, the same amount received in the current year. Given the economic challenges facing the commonwealth and the numerous other programs and agencies with which PASSHE competes for a limited amount of money, it has never been more important that legislators hear directly from PASSHE supporters to assure that we are a priority.

For the past few years, the process has not started as well for PASSHE and, without the direct involvement of our students, their families, alumni, and friends, our funding level would be more than $100 million less than it is today. Current and future students of IUP need your support.

Please take some time in the next few days to write to your legislators and tell them about your experience and why their investment in and support of PASSHE is crucial to both students and the commonwealth.

A sample letter is already prepared for your use. Simply provide your information, personalize your message using a suggested impact statement, and click send. Your message will be directed to the appropriate senators and representatives.

Please send your e-mail today. The more legislators hear from supporters of IUP and PASSHE, the better chance we have at sustaining level funding or better yet, increasing funding for the upcoming fiscal year.

Please share this information with your family and friends and encourage them to write their state legislators.

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy on behalf of IUP and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.