45th Annual Department of Chemistry Awards Ceremony

Posted on 5/13/2013 11:06:13 AM

On May 10, 2013, the Department of Chemistry held its 45th annual Awards Ceremony and Reception to recognize the academic achievements of its students.

Undergraduate and graduate students, their families and friends, and faculty and staff gathered in Weyandt 107 at 3:30 to recognize the academic performance of Chemistry majors in the department. Wendy Elcesser (chair of the Awards Committee) and Chairman George Long hosted the ceremony, presenting several students with a certificate of achievement and cash awards for their hard work during the 2012–2013 year.

In addition to academic achievement awards, the Chemistry Department has several endowed awards given annually.

The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement was presented to Rebecca Beadling.

The Edward N. Brown Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kristen Shafer.

The Ron Marks Scholarship was awarded to Andrew Teorsky.

The Graduate Academic Excellence Award was presented to Michael Hummel.

The Graduate Research Award was presented to Ivan Lendyel.

The CRC Handbook Award was presented to Jared Fee.

The ACS Student Affiliate Member of the Year was awarded to Peter Greenawalt.

The Academic Achievement Award was presented to the following senior Chemistry majors:

  • Brendan Adams
  • Rebecca Beadling
  • Rebecca Hartley
  • Elyse Kleist
  • Amanda Lynn
  • Breeanna Mintmier
  • Andrew Owens
  • Amy Rydeen
  • Ronald Stewart
  • David Williams-Yong

The Academic Achievement Award was presented to the following junior Chemistry majors:

  • Teresa Dierks
  • Peter Greenawalt
  • Evan Laughlin
  • Kristen Shafer
  • Andrew Teorsky

The Academic Achievement Award was presented to the following sophomore Chemistry majors:

  • Jacqueline Beisel
  • Robert Connacher
  • Carly Counihan
  • Charles Culbertson
  • Brett Duell
  • Faith Elmes
  • Cassandra Hanley
  • Noriko Mikeasky
  • Shane Skonieczki
  • Elizabeth Stimmell
  • Brittney Wiesheier

The Academic Achievement Award was presented to the following freshman Chemistry majors:

  • Joseph Aiello
  • Katherine Kime-Batten
  • Bo Blose
  • Melissa Butkowski
  • Justin Charles
  • Tyler Cochenour
  • Daniel Crum
  • Elon Denio
  • Minh Quan Dinh
  • Breanna Dominguez
  • Louis Ann Esmeralda
  • Jared Fee
  • Deena Hauze
  • Alexa Ives
  • Amira Kessem
  • Lori Kusluch
  • Daniel Martin
  • Joanna Mielke
  • Jonathan Moschgat
  • Justin Myers
  • Trey North
  • Amanda Pursley
  • Kirsten Sawtelle
  • Jamall Young

Special thanks goes to the members of the Awards Committee and the following donors for their continued support of this program:

Wendy Elcesser, Jaeju Ko, Lawrence Kupchella, Carl LeBlond, George Long, Nathan McElroy, Robert and Mrs. Patsiga, Ronald See, Jonathan Southard, Augusta Syty (emeritus), John Woolcock, Geno Zambotti (emeritus), PPG Industries, Reliant Energy Keystone Station, S&T Bank, and Pro Packet (printing donation).