Ask President Driscoll: Hosted by Six O’Clock Series

Posted on 4/9/2013 10:19:41 AM

President Michael DriscollQuestions from students are being solicited for President Michael Driscoll’s Q&A with students at 6:00 p.m. during the April 22 Six O’Clock Series in the HUB Ohio Room.

As an undergraduate student, what role does the university president play in your daily life at IUP? When the university presidency changes, how is your life affected? On April 26, 2013, Indiana University of Pennsylvania will inaugurate Dr. Michael Driscoll as its 26th president. In celebration of this historic event, President Driscoll plans to meet with you, the IUP student, for an open question-and-answer session intended to answer how the univesity president affects the lives of IUP students.

Students have valuable and significant opinions about their university. Meeting the president is an important opportunity to express those opinions and ask all of the questions you’ve always wondered about the university and the leader who guides it. Driscoll will be entertaining live questions from the April 22 Six O’clock Series audience; guests are encouraged to attend with ideas of topics and issues to ask about. In preparation, here are several categories and examples:

  • Personal issues: Get to know President Driscoll by asking about his family, where he attended college, his favorite thing about IUP, or the kind of music he prefers.
  • Academics at IUP: “Why couldn’t I schedule the class I needed this semester?” “What are the academic strengths of IUP?” “Are there majors that should be added or removed from the university?”
  • Campus Life, Athletics, Recognized Student Organizations: “Do you think IUP will ever be a Division I school?” “How would you increase student involvement on campus?” “What is your opinion of Greek Life at IUP?”
  • Budget: “How does IUP continue to grow during budget cuts?” “Are there departments/programs/majors that might be cut?”
  • Changes and improvements at IUP: “When will Weyandt Hall be rebuilt?” “Why isn’t there more recycling across campus?” “Will there really be a campus hotel?”
  • Office of the President: “What does the president do all day?” “Who supervises the president?”

Submit your questions for President Driscoll via e-mail to Gina Sereti, Six O’Clock Series coordinator, at There is no limit to the number of questions that may be asked. Driscoll will respond to as many as time permits beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, April 22, in the HUB Ohio Room. All members of the IUP community are welcome to attend.

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