Eberly Connections Showcase Challenges Freshmen

Posted on 12/18/2012 10:37:51 PM

Eberly Connections ShowcaseIn an extraordinary trip through history, over 80 undecided freshmen presented creative projects marketing businesses throughout time to spectators in the first floor of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. This Eberly Connections event, which took place December 13, 2012, demonstrated the interconnections between history and business utilized to aid undecided students choose a career path.

Students (in History 106 and BTST 105) worked diligently from the beginning of the semester to create engaging group presentations that properly exhibited a certain business from its according era. The presentation served as the students’ final for the linked courses which make up Eberly Connections.

The businesses chosen came in wide varieties, from a toga business in ancient Greece to a Camel Cigarette business during the 1920s. Students dressed in era-appropriate attire and gave a persuasive speech in an effort to get the judges to invest in their chosen product. The showcases were judged by professors and university administration from Housing, Student Affairs, and academics.

The students also developed a 10-page paper about their business, researching everything from the era, including economics, inventions and technology, communications, stakeholders, politics, religion, sexuality, living standards, and more.

William McPherson and Werner Lippert created this Eberly Connections project to allow the undeclared business students to get a dual lesson in history and what it takes to run a business, while also hoping it would aid them in making a decision in regards to their major.

“I am thankful for this project because it made me realize that I want to go into the marketing field,” freshman Dylan Carlson said.

Along with a great educational opportunity, this project allowed students to work with their peers and gain a feel for what working with others in a business is like.

“I really enjoyed the teamwork aspect and how our project ended up coming together,” freshman Jack Kelley said. Each member had to pull together equally to create an astonishing final product.

With impressive presentations from each group, the project was a success. This Eberly Connections final event will continue to be applied to these classes to benefit students in an innovative manner.

—By Katlyn Glaser