Shumba Receives NSF Cyber Catch Grant

Posted on 12/12/2012 9:00:18 AM

The School of Graduate Studies and Research is pleased to announce that Rose Shumba (Department of Computer Science) received a funding award in the amount of $231,000 from the National Science Foundation for the proposal she authored, “The Cyber Catch Scholarship Program.”

The total funding for this project over a five-year period is anticipated to be $1,148,531. This project will be led by Dr. Shumba along with Dr. William Oblitey (Department of Computer Science) and Dr. Jennifer Gossett (Department of Criminology).

Note: An earlier version of this announcement incorrectly listed Dr. Oblitey as the primary investigator on this proposal. While Dr. Oblitey is the currently primary investigator, Dr. Shumba was the primary investigator at the time of the proposal.