Free Writing Workshops Open to All IUP Students

Posted on 8/8/2012 12:21:11 PM

Instructors, do you want to encourage your students to

  • visit the Writing Center?
  • try new proofreading strategies?
  • review MLA or APA documentation?

All this and more is covered at the Writing Center’s free and open Wednesday Workshops on Wednesday evenings in 218 Eicher Hall.

Wednesday Workshops begin at 6:00 p.m. and again at 8:00 p.m. and last for about one hour. Attendance vouchers will be provided at the conclusion of every workshop. No appointments are needed—students can just walk in!

The workshop schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 5: Meet the Writing Center
    This workshop explains the Writing Center’s services, including how tutors can help students in the Writing Center.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 12: Communicating with Professors
    Interacting well with professors is a skill that serves students in class and throughout their entire college experience. This workshop explains how students can more effectively communicate with professors in person or via e-mail.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19: Hearing Voices
    Research writing often works like a conversation between speakers with different voices. Students learn to identify the “voices” in a text and compose a piece of writing that incorporates their own voice with the various voices of their sources.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 26: Proofreading
    Do your students have trouble seeing mistakes in grammar and punctuation in their writing? Maybe they’re using the wrong strategy when they read. This workshop shows them how to find errors and correct them.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 3: APA Documentation
    APA is commonly used in the social sciences and education. This workshop shows students how to cite sources with parenthetical references in a paper and how to create a list of references at the end.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10: MLA Documentation
    MLA is commonly used in the humanities and is often required in College Writing courses. This workshop shows students how to cite sources within the body of a paper and how to create a Works Cited page at the end.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 17: Revising Your Research Paper to Flow Smoothly
    Once students have gathered the sources, they still have to fit them in with their own ideas and get everything to flow together. This workshop helps them do that.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 24: Using Prezi to Create Dynamic Presentations
    PowerPoint can be easy to use, but it gets boring quickly. Prezi is a dynamic, easy-to-use alternative. This workshop shows students how to impress an audience with an eye-catching presentation.

For more information, call 724-357-3029 or e-mail us at