Psychology's Pavloski Publishes on the Legacy and Current Importance of Gestalt Work on Perception

Posted on 8/24/2011 10:44:08 AM

Dr. Raymond Pavloski, professor and chair of the Psychology Department, published “Learning How to Get From Properties of Perception to Those of the Neural Substrate and Back: An Ongoing Task of Gestalt Psychology,” in the Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies.

This journal issue, entitled The Legacy of Gestalt Psychology, included five invited contributions from individuals whose contemporary research is influenced by the historically-important Gestalt school. Building on his neural network research, Pavloski presents a new model of large-scale neural network information states based on category theory, a branch of abstract algebra, and outlines a research program having as its aim the development of categorical models of both neural states and perceptions.

Bibliographic information for Dr. Pavloski’s article:

Pavloski, R. (2011). Learning how to get from properties of perception to those of the neural substrate and back: An ongoing task of Gestalt Psychology. Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies, 17, 69-94.