Aramark Scholarship Winners

Posted on 6/8/2011 2:08:13 PM

Aramark, IUP’s food service contractor, has announced the winners of its Aramark scholarships for 2011–2012.

These scholarships are established and donated by Aramark.

Awards are based on the academic year and include:

  • Five $1,000 on-campus scholarships (must live on campus to qualify)
  • Five $1,000 off-campus scholarships
  • Five meal contract scholarships (fourteen meals per week)
Aramark Scholarship Winners
First Name Last Name Award
Deanna Welsh $1,000 on campus scholarship
Casey Yoder $1,000 on campus scholarship
Nicole Moomaw $1,000 on campus scholarship
Leah Keller $1,000 on campus scholarship
Chrystal Eady $1,000 on campus scholarship
Leah Barbara $1,000 off campus scholarship
Torie Brodish $1,000 off campus scholarship
Tammy Stonecypher $1,000 off campus scholarship
Emily Valko $1,000 off campus scholarship
Abby Lamont $1,000 off campus scholarship
Jawanda Jackson 14 meal/week contract
Chloe DePaola 14 meal/week contract
Kimberly Waddy 14 meal/week contract
Katie O'Brien 14 meal/week contract
Stephen LaBarge 14 meal/week contract