Facebook Tools and Their Benefits

  • Each tool in Facebook can be utilized for different things. You should have a good understanding of what each tool is before getting into what they can do.

    The tools available in Facebook include Status, News Feed, Wall Posts/Comments, Likes, Photos, Links, and Insights. Be sure to review the benefits of each tool in the comparison table.

    Status (“What’s on your mind?”)

    The status bar toward the top of the page allows you to type in a message to your audience. The message will appear on the page wall and will also appear in the news feed of those who “like” your page. These are also called “Wall Posts.”

    News Feed

    The news feed is a stream of information that is presented to each Facebook user on their Facebook home screen. The information that your organization shares through its page will appear in the feeds of those who “like” your page.

    Screenshot of a Facebook news feed

    Wall Posts/Comments

    Similar to the status bar, wall posts and comments allow users to interact with your posts. Also, it gives you an opportunity to interact back with them.

    Warning: Do not feel obligated to respond to every comment that is written on your page. It is bad practice. Respond to comments or posts that warrant a professional response. This will be discussed further in the “Writing for Facebook” section.

    Screenshot of Facebook comments


    Along with comments, likes are the best way to see if your page is actually receiving feedback from your audience. This tool is pretty self-explanatory, as you can see a like button not only next to the title of your page, but also on every comment, post, picture, etc.


    Photo albums and photo uploads are a good way to get audience participation without putting up the same old daily posts. It is important not to overload the page with photographs, as users’ newsfeeds being constantly overwhelmed with these kind of posts may get your page nothing but an “Unlike.”

    Screenshot of Facebook photos


    Generally speaking, you don’t want to upload your videos to your Facebook page. There is “Videos” tab on each page or profile that offers you the ability to post videos to your page, but it is recommended that you e-mail your videos to the Web Team for inclusion on the IUP YouTube channel—the size of the network ultimately matters if you want your material to be seen.

    Screenshot of Facebook videos

    You can share links to virtually anything by clicking the “Links” tab located just above the status bar. After you’ve inserted the hyperlink, you can do several things: You can change the thumbnail image next to the link and description, you can edit the link title, and you can edit the link information.

    Screenshot of Facebook links


    This is the analytic portion of your organization’s Facebook page. The Facebook Help Center defines insights as the metrics around a Facebook Page owners’ content.

    “By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners and Platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.”

    In other words, insights provide you with information describing who is viewing your material, and how often it is being viewed.

    Screenshot of Facebook insights

    Tools and Their Benefits

    Now that you have a clear understanding of each Facebook tool, review what they can do for you:



    Status Spread basic information to your users
    Break information about upcoming events, recent news, etc.
    News Feed See what other organizations/departments are doing
    Wall Posts/Comments Allows users to give feedback on your posts
    Help to measure success — if people are participating
    Likes A way of measuring post success
    Create interesting, relevant, posts to encourage more user likes
    Photos Use photos as an engaging way to generate user-feedback or to promote your organization or department in a creative way
    Links Use links to promote articles, YouTube videos, or anything that promotes or relates to your department or organization
    Insights Your Facebook analytics
    Use Insights to help measure your success on Facebook, find your demographic, and more

    You can find more tips on the Facebook Help Center.