Page Versus Profile

  • If you are planning on entering Facebook, then you need to do it using a Page. Pages offer many things that Profiles do not and are the correct way to go if you want to represent your department or organization effectively.


    According to the Facebook Help Center, profiles represent individuals and must be held under an individual name.

    For example, say John Doe wanted to join Facebook. He would sign up and create a Profile rather than a Page since he is an individual and not representing an organization to maintain a professional presence on Facebook.

    What Not to Do

    The Ima Crimsonhawk profile was created for the purpose of answering questions posed by students, family members, etc. as a “real” person rather than a department or organization. This is a bad decision for two reasons. Hearing from the source (department, organization, etc.) is much more reliable than hearing it from a fake person. An administrator of a page can answer a question if said department or organization wants the answer to come from an individual. Also, Facebook deletes inappropriate profiles such as this in time, which means that at anytime Ima Crimsonhawk could be deleted from the network and unable to answer any questions in general.

    Screenshot of Facebook profile page from Ima Crimsonhawk


    Pages allow an organization, business, celebrity, or band to maintain a professional presence on Facebook. Pages may only be created to represent real organizations of which you are an authorized representative (ex. Indiana University of Pennsylvania).

    Also, Pages are managed by administrators who have personal Facebook profiles. Pages are not separate from profiles; you have the option of creating a page using your personal profile.

    As creator of the Facebook page, you are the first administrator and can appoint more administrators. The best practice is to have multiple (at least three) administrators at any given time in case one admin has to be removed for any reason.

    It is important to note that once you have gathered 100 or more fans, you cannot change the title of your page. Therefore, it is best to make sure the title you choose can be effective long-term and easily found.

    Good: IUP Journalism Department

    Not so good: JRNL Dept. (IUP)

    Even though you need a profile to create a page, a page is the best practice for engaging your audience in social media, if Facebook is the way you want to go.

    What to Do

    Screenshot of IUP's facebook page