How Much Time Do You Have to Maintain It?

  • If you do not have the time or manpower to maintain any page, then do not create an account on any social platform. That being said, it is necessary to think about exactly how much time will be spent maintaining whatever network you choose.

    Maintaining social media is a lot of work, but the time spent on each daily will be a direct reflection of which network you ultimately choose.


    It is recommended that you have zero to one posts daily on Facebook. This doesn’t leave much time to plan, write, and publish the post; however, the time will be required when you measure the success of your product. Facebook helps you out a bit with this with the “Insights” feature.


    Depending on how you handle posting your daily tweets will determine how much time you ultimately spend. Enterprise programs such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, CoTweet, and more offer you a one-stop shop-type utility for posting tweets. These programs offer social media scheduling, link shortening, analytics, and more depending on the program. Once again, analyzing your success is where most of the time is spent.


    This is perhaps the network with which you would spend the least time maintaining, although it is not simply effort-free once you create your subgroup. You still have to maintain contact and manage the subgroup to garner the best results from the network.


    It is recommended that you send your videos directly to the IUP Web Team, so maintaining this network would not be much of a hassle. You can read more about this in the YouTube section of the guide.

    Now that you’ve determined which network may be the right way to take your department or organization, look at each network individually. Review the tools that each offer and strategies of how to use them, as well as some writing tips for each network.