Community Events

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Agencies in the Indiana community attend the IUP Community Involvement Fair in order to meet students and share information on volunteer opportunities and internships available at their organization. Agencies registered with the Service Learning Program can also recruit Federal Work-Study employees.

Program: Into the Archives Rare Book and Artifact Showcase

Stapleton Library, Room 305


“Into the Archives: The Medievalists” highlights a number of printed works from IUP's Special Collection and Archives Department, including the Gutenberg Bible, the Torah, Beowulf and the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. The program features presentations by PhD student Marquel Sherry, University Archivist Harrison Wick, and professor of English Michael T. Williamson (Department of English on how people read these books when they were newly printed, how these books survived for centuries, and what they might mean to current readers. 

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