Creative Arts, Humanities, and Design

  • This as-yet unnamed college will bring together multiple aspects and areas of creative inquiry and practice.

    Creativity of thought, of language, of design, of performance, of artmaking, of culture, of form, of expression, and of celebrating the diversity of our world, will come together to provide the groundwork for students to develop meaningful lives for themselves and for their communities.

    The arts and the humanities are at the heart of what it is to be human. As such and with its programs, the college will help majors, minors, and students from across the campus develop ways of thinking, communicating, and knowing that will provide a lens and a pathway for the future.

    Art and Design

    Art Education, BSEd

    Art Studio, BFA

    Art/History, BA

    Art/Studio, BA

    Interior Design, BS

    Fashion Mktg, BS

    Creative Arts, Humanities, and Design

    Asian Studies, BA


    English Grades 7-12 Certificate

    English/Composition and Applied Linguistics, PhD

    English/Composition and Literature, MA

    English/Literature and Criticism, PhD

    English/Literature, MA

    English/Literature/Culture, BA

    English, BSEd until Certificate approval

    English/TESOL, MA

    English/Writing Studies, BA

    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, GCR

    Foreign Languages

    Spanish, BA

    Spanish, BSEd until Certificate approval


    History, BA

    Social Stud, BSEd until Certificate approval

    Public History Certificate


    Music Education, BSEd

    Music Performance, BFA

    Music, BA

    Music/Education, MA

    Music/Performance, MA

    Philosophy and Religious Studies

    Philosophy, BA

    Religious Studies, BA

    Political Science

    International Studies/Political Science, BA

    Political Science/Homeland Security, BA

    Political Science, BA

    Political Science/Pre-Law, BA

    Public Affairs, MA


    Theater, BA

    Musical Theatre, BA