Science Inspires Series

  • The Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics’ Science Inspires Series (SIS) is offered in collaboration with IUP’s Sigma Xi chapter, an honor society of scientists and engineers that rewards excellence in scientific research and encourages a sense of companionship and cooperation among scientists in all fields.

    SIS presents lectures by prominent researchers on topics interdisciplinary in nature and of interest to faculty and students from a variety of academic fields and to the general public. Every semester, the series schedules two talks by KCNSM researchers and one renowned speaker.

    The fall 2019 Science Inspires Series concludes with the following faculty lecture:

    “Toward an Empathic Psychology of the Whole Person:  Conceptualizing the Complexities of Human Identity”

    Human beings are complex creatures who construct complex identities. Much good comes from focusing on identity and identity diversity because it promotes respecting varied ways of being and treating people equally.  Unfortunately however, identity is often treated unidimensionally and statically, which obfuscates how identity is intersectional and undergoes change. Unidimensional and static conceptions of identity can also be divisive when identity groups are understood in terms of conflicting and competing interests. Bucking these trends requires thinking about varied identity complexities of whole people. Theory and research in psychology provide ways of thinking about identity as multidimensional and dynamic, which in turn, provide a basis for forging common ground and promoting mutual empathic understanding among complex whole people.