Research Experiences for Summer Scholars

  • Participate in the cutting-edge research being done at IUP this summer (Summer Sessions I and II) during the annual Research Experiences for Summer Scholars program.

    The RESS program promises some of the best networking opportunities and professional development events during your time at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. You will be amazed by the resources available to you and the quality of research right here at IUP. Many exciting frontiers are being explored, and you can be a part of it all! 

    Apply Now

    RESS Application

    Reasons why a summer research program can benefit you:

    1. Gain experience in your field of study through hands-on research with one-on-one faculty engagement.
    2. Increase your confidence in relating scientific information in and out of your main field of study.
    3. Improve your chances at getting into graduate school or employment in the industrial sector.
    4. Make valuable and long-lasting connections by practicing teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills.
    5. Create a well-rounded resume, and be a part of a scientific publication or report.
    6. Present scientific material that you generated!

    The Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics welcomes freshmen, sophomore, junior, and graduate-level students from all majors, with GPAs above 2.0, to apply. Applications are due mid-March each year. Financial assistance is limited and competitive, so apply early.

    Students at Yellow Creek State ParkProgram coordinator: Shelly Bouchat

    Program Events

    Ice Cream Social

    Meet fellow students and faculty researchers from around the college. Practice your elevator speech, and learn what types of research your friends are doing over the upcoming summer.

    Petri Plate Pizza Series

    Informal gatherings of motivated researchers who share their research experiences with great food and friends. Session will start off with a quick 15- to 30-minute research talk by fellow students or faculty, and then break into delightful discussion. The variety of subjects and participant will stimulate your thoughts on your field, providing the interdisciplinary nature that ties scientific fields together.

    Professional Development Events

    There will be opportunities to go professionally so that you can stand out in future endeavors, such as applying to graduate school or your dream job. Learn what steps you can take now, and practice throughout the summer to enhance your scientific collaborations.

    • How to Write a Resume (bring your resume for professional comments and suggestions);
    • Information about NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU); and
    • Essentials of Presentations and Posters.

    Cookout Day Trip

    Don’t forget to have fun!! Come out to Yellow Creek State Park and relax with fellow students and faculty. Lunch will be provided, and there will be a possibility for water sports and outside games.

    Keynote Speaker and Poster Session

    This catered event is where you will present your summer research project and discuss all aspects of your summer adventure with fellow students. Build your academic credentials when you share the strides you made in research, and listen to what other types of exciting research has been done this summer. Our keynote speaker will kick off the afternoon.

    More Information and FAQ

    Program Information

    The Research Experiences for Summer Scholars program affords IUP students a competitive edge by providing a summer program to all IUP undergraduate and graduate students. The RESS is modeled after the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates programs. Nationally, REU programs are seen as one of the most valuable summer experiences students can participate in; yet, the acceptance rate for most REU programs is only around 3 percent. Through the RESS program, IUP can offer all IUP students the chance to participate in a cutting-edge experience that links knowledge and skills learned in coursework to real-work scientific and societal problems.

    Participation in IUP’s 10-week RESS program will give you a competitive advantage whether you are looking to gain experience doing research in your field, add to your resume for a future job, improve your chances of getting into graduate school, and/or increase your confidence in relating scientific information. Events of the program will focus on research experiences, scientific communication, and professional development and networking. Students who have participated in past years have presented their research both nationally and internationally and have published with their research advisor in journals and book.

    Finding a Research Mentor

    This is your chance to work one-on-one with those faculty members you find have interesting research. Don’t know what faculty in your field do? No problem—seek out potential research advisors! Check out their faculty websites, and schedule a meeting to discuss possible research projects. You will find that IUP faculty have many areas of interest and are looking for dedicated students to search the frontiers of science with them. 

    Q: Should I wait to apply until my summer plans are completely known?

    A: Apply before the deadline. If you are awarded funding and choose not to participate, your funding will be offered to another well-deserving student. We do not hold anything against the student for applying to other summer programs, and even encourage students to apply to national programs.

    Q: Do I need to participate for all 10 weeks?

    A: We understand that students have commitments outside of summer research and know that some students will be able to only participate in the summer I or Summer II session. If this is the case, mark the appropriate selections in your application, and be sure to broach the subject with your future advisor. Those students wishing to participate in the poster session (i.e., present their summer research) need to attend no less than half of all events. Arrangements can be made in special circumstances when discussed at the start of the program with the program director.