Audition Information Form

  • NOTE: Fill out this form only after you have applied to the university, received your acceptance letter, and registered for an Experience IUP Day.


    If you intend to audition on multiple instruments, please submit additional forms for each instrument.



    A Piano Proficiency Entrance Exam is used to determine whether the applicant's piano skills are more suited for Applied Piano or Class Piano. This exam is optional and is intended for students with one or more years of piano experience.


    List years studied next to private lesson teacher's name. Example: "Jane Doe (2 years)  

    Vocal Majors Only

    All voice applicants should review the Suggested Audition Materials. In order for the IUP Department of Music to prepare for your audition, please list below the name, composer, key signature, and the name of the book or anthology from which you have selected your songs.

    Selection 1

    Selection 2

    Selection 3