The 2022 PMEA Summer Conference, the first in-person since 2019, was held in Reading, Pennsylvania, on July 18–19. Tim Paul was selected to present a conducting clinic titled "Proper Hinge Use = Healthy Conductors."

Informed and sequenced engagement of joints/hinges can lead to less tension in conductors, decrease pain when conducting, and reduce the prospect of excessive wear to joints. This area of study and application is a focal point in the process of movement to portray the composer’s intent and the choices and usage of joints/hinges to facilitate the conductor’s desired artistic interpretations.

Tim PaulThe "Proper Hinge Use = Healthy Conductors Clinic" was structured to focus on the development and awareness of how to center one’s body to create zero tension from a starting conducting position. Participants—who ranged from college students and current band, choir, and orchestra directors to beginning and retired music teachers—actively participated in a series of scenarios and discussions that were designed to experience tension and relaxation, experiment with and determine preferred joints/hinges to utilize when conducting, and application through conducting brief examples. Paul worked with individual attendees, helping them make adjustments to their movement to further release or lessen any possible tension.

During the second portion of the workshop, participants studied and listened to music and made conducting decisions, reflecting on tension-free movement, and then conducted sections of several pieces.

This clinic was the second in a series on this topic and concluded with discussions regarding the next possible workshops.