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    State-of the-Art Technology

    The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology is here to help you if you decide you want to get on a business track. The $10-million Eberly College of Business complex houses teaching-intensive, state-of-the-art technology designed with students in mind.  

    The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology is deploys world-class technology systems which positions the college to be among the best equipped of its kind.

    The faculty is able to teach and demonstrate industrial uses of video conferencing, teleconferencing, multimedia, LANs, and client/server applications as well as use these technologies to enhance teaching. Satellite transmissions can be delivered to every classroom and office, making distance learning a reality. This capability links the college to students, faculty members, and businesses all over the world.

    Students in a Business Marketing classThe Classrooms

    Selected classrooms are equipped with powerful, advanced teaching stations that help the faculty to present advanced topics and to make the learning process interactive and more interesting. These technologies include 3-D imaging projectors, audio/video projectors, distributed full-motion video, and stereo sound support. Projectors are able to display images produced from VCRs and laser discs, as well as from personal computers.

    Graphical World Wide Web access is available to all building occupants for fast access to all parts of the Internet, including extensive information data banks integral to business education. The college's Web servers will be capable of housing several billion characters of information for use by students.

    The Computer Labs

    Two specialized computer labs are equipped with the most extensive and diverse equipment dedicated to demonstrating and teaching the latest and best networking and computing technologies. The best and most prominent operating systems are available for teaching networking system administration and management. In addition, some of the most advanced network troubleshooting and analysis tools are in place to teach students how to simulate and fix real-world networking problems. These resources enable the college to expose students to the most popular and advanced networking systems currently in use, providing them with specialized skills much sought after by industry. With such an advanced computing environment in place, faculty members have already begun using the facilities to conduct workshops, seminars, and training sessions.

    Remote computing technology is also available to faculty members so they may easily connect to the college network to create or access educational material from home. While on the road for conferences or presentations, they use well-equipped laptops to keep in touch with their students and colleagues.

    Business alumni talking in classroomOpen labs for students are equipped with workstations with integral audio/video capability. Each station also has a CD-ROM player. The most popular software suites and specific applications for specialized purposes are fully installed and readily available to help complete any assigned project.

    To protect this sophisticated technology, all computing facilities are monitored 24 hours a day with surveillance equipment to minimize the possibility of tampering or theft. Motion detectors and full-motion color videotaping minimizes the threat of illegal instruction and the removal or destruction of equipment.