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The Eberly Advantage

  • Exterior of Eberly with a cloud in the skySix Good Reasons to Choose IUP

    Not long ago, we asked two dozen of our students to tell us whether they would recommend IUP to a friend and, if so, why. Here are some of the reasons they consider IUP a wise choice:

    1. Solid Academic Programs

    They mentioned IUP’s outstanding academic reputation, our expanding programs for high achievers (including the Robert E. Cook Honors College), our liberal arts emphasis, our wide selection of career-focused majors, and our balanced curriculum that includes opportunities for undergraduate research and student internships.

    2. Small Classes

    More than one-fourth of all undergraduate classes at IUP have 10 or fewer students. Almost half have 20 or fewer students. And more than three-fourths have 30 or fewer. Only 6 percent of all undergraduate classes at the university have more than 50 students. For an American university of IUP’s size, that's nothing short of remarkable.

    3. Great People

    Our faculty gets high marks from students for professional expertise, teaching skills, and accessibility. Students also say they like IUP because the campus is a congenial place, because people are friendly and down to earth, and because making friends is easy.

    4. Rich Cultural Experiences

    Whatever their major, our students point out that what happens outside the classroom is also a big part of college life here.

    That’s why you’ll be able to attend any of more than 200 cultural and entertainment events each year; choose from some 200 recognized clubs, activities, and organizations (including one of the country’s finest marching bands); and enjoy the fun and the excitement of successful varsity, intramural, and club sports programs.

    5. Safe, Livable Setting

    Students like IUP’s location because it’s somewhere between rural and urban. Indiana, Pennsylvania, home to our main campus, is situated about an hour northeast of Pittsburgh in the Allegheny foothills.

    6. Bottom-line Affordability

    Cost is important to everyone these days, and so is value. The tuition at IUP is as low or lower than the tuition at all other four-year institutions in Pennsylvania. To help diversify the student community, IUP does make available a number of partial tuition waivers for international students. These partial waivers make IUP even more affordable.

    IUP Advantage

    International Composition

    A diverse group of participants compose our student body. Over 30 percent of our students are from 22 other countries, 35 percent have previous business work experience, and 25 percent of our students are currently working full time in professional careers.

    Eberly College of Business Complex

    The $10-million Eberly College of Business complex opened in January 1996. Housing teaching-intensive, state-of-the-art technology, this building is designed with students in mind. It features a 500-seat auditorium, two 24-hour computer labs, large-screen television monitors, and a fiber optics network throughout the complex.

    MBA Retreats

    MBA students, faculty, and practicing managers participate in retreats at Indiana County’s rural Pine Ridge Park. Participants take part in case studies, role playing, discussion, and games. Retreats have three goals: team building, professional development, and networking with professionals.

    Hands-on Opportunities through the Management Services Group

    Graduate students at IUP can do more than listen to lectures. They have opportunities for real-world, hands-on experiences through internships and through the Management Services Group, composed of the Small Business Incubator, Small Business Institute, Small Business Development Center, and the Government Contracting Assistance Program.

    Faculty with Real-world Experience

    The Eberly College of Business faculty combines years of experience in the classroom with substantial expertise in business and industry.


    The Eberly College is accredited by AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB International is the premier accrediting agency for collegiate business programs. Less than 400 United States colleges and universities hold AACSB International accreditation.

    Eberly College provides a broad range of high-value undergraduate and graduate programs. The college is also committed to research activities that enhance the quality of instruction and contribute to the literature of business.

    IUP Eberly College of Business Advisory Council

    The council gives business leaders an opportunity to help shape the education of IUP business students. Members are prominent business leaders. The council suggests improvements in the curriculum and enhances internship and career placements.