Career Outcomes with a Graduate Degree in Mathematics

  • Jeremy Yagle at NASA

    NASA DATA ANALYST — Jeremy Yagle ’14, MS in Applied Mathematics, works as a data analyst for the NASA Langley Research Center. “My coursework in the applied math program gave me the knowledge to understand and apply mathematical and statistical concepts to the science and engineering problems I encounter,” he said.

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    Mathematics and statistics will continue to shape the world for the foreseeable future. With a mathematics graduate degree, you enhance the trajectory of your employment in the private sector and in schools. Opportunities abound in business and industry as well as growing usage of mathematical modeling in biological, medical, and pharmaceutical sciences. Banking and investment firms are also high-demand fields for marketing your analytic skills. In the years to come, global commerce will only grow more complex and require more mathematics experts.

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    With a graduate mathematics degree from IUP, consider careers in these industries:

    • Teaching
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Public service
    • Federal, state and local government
    • Financial institutions
    • Banks 
    • Investment 
    • Finance 
    • Insurance 
    • Computing
    • Government
    • Commerce 
    • Industry
    • Research
    • Universities
    • Government laboratories
    • Consulting firms