Course Requirements, MEd

  • The MEd in Mathematics Education program has common education, education research, core mathematics education, elective courses, and specialized content courses for each track. All courses for the Secondary Mathematics Education Track are offered online, while the Elementary and Middle school Mathematics Track is offered in a hybrid format. The program consists of 36 credits, which are summarized below. 

    Master of Education in Mathematics Education (36 credits)

    I. Education and Educational Research (6 credits) — All courses offered online 

    1. EDSP: (Education Psychology) 704/746/747/748 (choose one)
    2. GSR 615: Elements of Research 

    II. Mathematics Education Core (12 credits) — All courses offered online 

    1. MAED 650: Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics Education
    2. MAED 654: Teaching Problem Solving in Mathematics Education
    3. MAED 652: Differentiating Instruction in Secondary Mathematics Education
      ELMA 652: Diagnosis and Remedial Teaching of Mathematics
    4. MAED 660: Survey of Research in Mathematics Education

    III. Mathematics Education Content (12 credits)

    Secondary Mathematics Education Track — All courses offered online 

    1. MAED 611: Algebra for Secondary Teachers
    2. MAED 612: Geometry for Secondary Teachers
    3. MAED 613: Probability and Statistics for Secondary Teachers
    4. MAED 614: Precalculus and Discrete Math for Secondary Teachers
    5. MATH 650: History of Mathematics

    Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education Track 

    1. ELMA 517: Probability and Statistics from Elementary/Middle Level Teachers
    2. ELMA 520: Patterns and Functions for Elementary/Middle Level Teachers
    3. ELMA 556: Geometry for Elementary/Middle Level Teachers
    4. ELMA 557: Number Theory for Elementary/Middle Level Teachers
    5. ELMA 558: Logic and Logical Games for Elementary/Middle Level Teachers
    6. ELMA 561: Discrete Math for Elementary/Middle Level Teachers
    7. ELMA 571: Algebra for Elementary/Middle Level Teachers (Offered Online)

    IV. Mathematics Education Electives (6 credits) — All courses offered online 

    1. MAED 559: Computer Related Topics in Mathematics Education
    2. MAED 616: Writing in Mathematics Education
    3. MAED 681: Special Topics in Mathematics Education
    4. MAED 698: Internship in Mathematics Education*
    5. MAED 795: Thesis in Mathematics Education
    6. Any course from Category III

    Note: All courses are 3 credits. 

    *The internship may be used to do preliminary work related to a thesis. This is by permission from the graduate coordinator.