Lesson Plan Format

  • Lesson Plan Outline for the Mathematics Department

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    Materials Needed: List all materials and equipment needed to teach this lesson. This list serves as a reminder to ensure that such resources are available during the lesson presentation.

    for students:
    for teacher: 

    Prerequisite Knowledge: What knowledge or skills must the learner bring to this new topic? For example: Students will need to be able to convert percents to decimals.

    Student Objective(s): What will the student be able to do as a result of this lesson? Provide the specific learning outcomes that students will be able to demonstrate at the end of the lesson. Use a variety of descriptors and levels that are measurable. For example: Students will be able to define median of a triangle. or Students will be able to find the length of a median given the sides of a right triangle. You will also need to match your objectives to the Pennsylvania Assessment Anchors or Pennsylvania Academic Standards (Pennsylvania Department of Education).

    Opening /Purpose: How will you “catch” the students’ attention? Why are they learning the content for this lesson? The opening should provide a purpose and motivation for learning the content. This includes providing a real-world application or a connection to other subject areas for the content you are teaching. Try to answer the question “Why do we have to know this?” before it is asked. This is necessary to interest the students in the content as well as prepare them for what they will be learning.

    Lesson/Activity: This is a step-by-step, detailed procedure of how you will present the content of the lesson. Include directions, key questions, time estimates, classroom arrangement (individual or group), all examples that will be used (with solutions), and individual practice problems and strategies.

    Closure/Review: Closure should include four to five quick questions to ask the students to help them summarize the content and reinforce the important aspects of the lesson.

    Assessment: How will you know if students met the objectives you had for the lesson? How will you evaluate their knowledge of the content? What evidence will you collect to help you determine where to start the next lesson? Include three to four sample test/quiz questions that could be asked of students.

    Accommodations: List ways in which you have made accommodations for Special Needs Students in this lesson plan.

    “If Time” Activity: What will you do if you finish the lesson early? This should relate to the topic that was taught. Doing homework is not an acceptable “If time” activity. This is something that you have planned, not that the students will create.