Student Biographies

  • Rosamaria Ponciano Parada
    Rosamaria Ponciano Parada is a senior. She is responsible for outreach efforts at College Prep 101 for Latinos and is project coordinator.
    Pamela Guzman
    Pamela Guzman's bio for CALSA.
    Marc Colón
    Marc Colón's bio for CALSA
    Rosamaria Ponciano
    Biography of Rosamaria Pociano, CALSA Speaker 2013
    Qiana Lightner
    Bio of Qiana Lightner, CALSA Speaker.
    Altagracia Moquette
    Bio for Altagracia Moquette, CALSA Speaker.
    Kelsey Shaulis
    A bio for Kelsey Shaulis, program volunteer for the CALSA program.
    Guadalupe Ortiz Cortez
    Bio of Guadalupe Ortiz-Cortez for CALSA 
    Lisa McCann
    Lisa McCann is a volunteer researchers who graduated with honors, receiving her BA in Anthropology with a minor in Latin American Studies from IUP. ​
    Shalom Haileselassie
    Shalom Haileselassie is a junior double major in applied anthropology and regional planning.
    Nancy Lopez Sosa
    Nancy, originally from Guanajuato, Mexico is currently a sophomore at the Cook Honors College.
    Yanira Cintora Lopez
    Yanira Cintora Lopez was born in Moroleón, Guanajuato, Mexico. She migrated to the U.S when she was just five years old.
    Jamie Suever
    Jamie Suever is a senior anthropology student from Frederick, Maryland. In addition to anthropology, she is minoring in biology. She realized after taking a course in medical anthropology that her interests are in the medical field. Jamie intends to go
    Hortencia Correa
    Hortencia Correa is from Kennett Square, PA and is a first generation student. Her family is from Mexico and have been a big influence in her academic achievements. She is currently a junior, majoring in honors psychology and minoring in
    Abigail Gerlach
    Abigail Gerlach is a sophomore research assistant with MARTI.