Latin American Studies Minor at IUP

  • The Latin American Studies minor is a multidisciplinary minor program offered by the History Department which unifies courses offered by the English, History, Political Science, and Spanish departments that focus on Latin America’s history, literature, culture, geography, political economy, and social organization.

    The program requires 18 credits in Latin American studies, including the required Latin American Studies Seminar course, LAS 480.

    The Latin American Studies minor program also sponsors a variety of cultural events and academic lectures in both the Fall and Spring semesters at the IUP campus.

    • More information about the Latin American Studies minor program.
    • More information about events sponsored by the Latin American Studies minor program.

    Faculty involved in the Latin American Studies minor program are as follows:

    Dr. Francisco Alarcón, Mathematics Department
    Mr. Portia Diaz, IUP Library
    Dr. Caleb Finegan, History Department
    Dr. Victor Garcia, Anthropology Department
    Dr. Linda Jennings, Music Department
    Dr. Lydia Rodriguez, Foreign Languages
    Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams, Foreign Languages
    Dr. Josiah Townsend, Biology Department
    Dr. Sarah Wheeler, Political Science Department
    Dr. Marjorie Zambrano-Paff, Foreign Languages

    Their contact information can be found here.