Domestic Homicide in the United States and Russia

  • Description: This study, conducted in collaboration with a Russian criminologist, developed a comparison of spousal homicide rates in the United States and Russia using official U.S. statistics and recently released data in Russia. Social factors contributing to the trends of spousal homicide over the last decade were also identified. 
    Goal: to ascertain the spousal homicide rates, trends, and circumstances in Russia and compare them to those in the United States.

    Principal Investigator: Edward Gondolf

    Source of funding: IUP Office of International Studies, MAATI, and John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    Type of Study: Research
    Effort: 5%
    Contract length: 2 years
    Period: June 1993 to May 1995
    Total Requested: $6,500 (travel expenses and partial stipend) (NSF proposal not funded)