Culturally-Focused Batterer Counseling for African American Men

  • Description: African American men arrested for domestic violence in Pittsburgh will be randomly assigned to one of three batterer counseling groups: a mixed-race group with conventional counseling, an all African-American group with conventional counseling, or an all African-American group with culturally-focused counseling. Follow-up phone interviews with female partners at 3, 6, and 12 months, along with police records, will be used to determine the outcomes.

    Goal: to evaluate the effectiveness of culturally-focused batterer counseling for African American men.

    Principal Investigator: Edward Gondolf
    Co-Investigator:  Oliver Williams, University of Minnesota

    Source of funding: National Institute of Justice, US Dept. of Justice
    Type of Study: Experimental Evaluation
    Effort: 25%
    Contract length: 3.5 years
    Period: September 2001 to February 2005
    Total Amount: $360,000