This CEWG presentation is based on a two-year ethnographic study on drug use among transnational Mexican migrants employed in the mushroom industry of southeastern Pennsylvania. The objectives of the study, Drug Use among Migrant Mexican Farm workers' (NIDA, Grant #R03 DA17915) are as follows:

  1. To identify drug use "types" based on the patterns of drug use (i.e., drug combination types, quantities, and frequency of use) and the circumstances surrounding it (i.e., recreational, habitual, and/or work enhancement purposes).
  2. To describe the role of previous drug exposure (e.g., drug use or witness in Mexico or in U.S. urban areas), situational factors (e.g., migrant living arrangements, social isolation, peer pressure, and drug availability), and individual background characteristics (e.g., age, marital status, education level, and migration duration) in migrant drug use.