MARTI-CBH, in partnership with Ann Sesti, director of Student Wellness and Engagement, sponsored the creation of a Kacie's Cause chapter at IUP.

It is the first Kacie's Cause student organization and joins 10 community chapters. The mission of Kacie's Cause is to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania and the nation, and of the dangers of opioid use disorders through community activities.

There is a new student organization on IUP's campus! It is a first-of-its-kind chapter of Kacie's Cause, a nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness about the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania and the nation. The aim of the chapter is to educate the wider community about the dangers of opioid use, while tirelessly advocating for prevention, education, and treatment and recovery programs for individuals and their families. The chapter is looking for interested students and community volunteers alike who want to work together on this exciting mission. The opioid/heroin epidemic is unfortunately devastating communities across the country, especially in our region, Western Pennsylvania. For more information on participating or joining the organization as a student or community volunteer, please contact the chapter president, Marissa Willson, at jgtx@iup,edu.