Dr. Michelle Sandhoff, Research Associate

  • Dr. Michele SandhoffDr. Michelle Sandhoff, an assistant professor of Sociology at IUP, became a MARTI research associate in 2013. She received her PhD from the University of Maryland in August 2013 with a dissertation on “Service, Sacrifice, and Citizenship: The Experiences of Muslims Serving in the U.S. Military,” which focused on the experiences of Muslim service members and veterans who have served since 9/11. Her primary research interest is diversity in the military. She has published three book chapters dealing with gender and sexuality in the U.S. military and militaries of other countries  She has also presented research at a variety of conferences on both Muslims’ and women’s experiences’ in the military. Currently, Dr. Sandhoff is also working on projects considering the effects of war on civilians and media depictions of women terrorists.

    Previously, Dr. Sandhoff taught at the University of Maryland for eight semesters and was a visiting assistant professor at Washington College in Maryland, where she taught the specialty course “Armed Forces and Society.”

    Dr. Sandhoff is serving as a MARTI research associate through her membership to the interdisciplinary Veterans’ Reintegration Project at IUP.