How do you engage college students in discussions about drugs, depression, studying and changing their relationship with their parents? You start a podcast.

Since December 2020, Professor Erick Lauber (Journalism and Public Relations) has been interviewing IUP students about their hurdles their triumphs and their life. With five students from across the university, his podcast Growing Up Sucks! (on iTunes, Spotify and several other platforms) has reached hundreds of listeners and continues to grow. Most recently, he interviewed IUP Student Government Association president Alex Fefolt. In another podcast he discussed long-distance relationships during the time of COVID with two students, Heather Bair and Steve Langdon from IUP.

Other students involved have included Megan Donny (fashion merchandising and journalism and public relations), Michelle Raymond (journalism and public relations), Brooke Campbell (Comm Media), Steven Langdon (journalism and public relations) and Cassidy Black (English education).

Lauber intends to continue his work with the team through the spring semester, and he encourages anyone who has a topic they think the team should cover to contact him via his IUP email at Lauber is also looking for other students to interview. Here is more information about the podcast.

Lauber is director of Community Health and Leadership for the Mid-Atlantic Research and Training Institute for Community and Behavioral Health.