Wesley E. Sowers, MD

The connection between drug use, crime and violence is well established. In this presentation we will consider evidence for factors that create vulnerability in individuals and populations. We will examine the impact of the drug culture on public health and safety. Promising and established approaches to reduce the prevalence and consequences of addiction will be discussed and advocacy strategies for policy alternatives will be considered.


  1. List the three factors that influence the development of addictions.
  2. Discuss the three domains of function that are altered due to addiction.
  3. Identify five factors that contribute to the vicious cycle of addiction, crime, and violence.
  4. Describe three of the social outcomes related to the use of illegal drugs.
  5. Formulate three strategies or interventions to reduce the impact of illegal drug use on society.

Target Audience: Clinical personnel, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, educators, criminal justice professionals, health care professionals.

Introductory level. CE credits offered = 1.5 contact hours.