Clifton Mitchell, PhD

Get your annual legal and ethical CE training in a dynamic, entertaining game show format. This program is designed to test your legal and ethical knowledge while having lots of fun! Management of some of the most perplexing legal and ethical quandaries will be explored. Topics include child abuse, confidentiality, duty to warn, elder abuse, HIPAA, noted legal cases, malpractice, and more. The material is applicable to all disciplines, practices, and states.


  1. Explain numerous situations when confidentiality should and should not be broken.
  2. Review the differences between child abuse, rape, and statutory rape and mental health professional's duty relative to each under the codes and laws.
  3. Identify specific instances when duty to warn is mandated and the complications presented by specific codes and laws.
  4. Restate the outcomes of noted court cases involving legal and ethical charges.
  5. Interpret and apply noted foundational HIPAA regulations.

Target Audience: Clinical personnel, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, criminal justice professionals.

Intermediate level. CE credits offered = 1.5 to 3.0 contact hours