Recovery is a Journey, Not a Destination: Hope for Individuals, Families and Communities Affected by Addiction

Robin Horston Spencer, MBA, MHS, MSPL, OWDS, RCAT

Adrienne Smith, BSBA, CRS

Lucy Garrighan, CEO and Founder of Jade Wellness Centers

This workshop will give three perspectives of women with personal experiences who have overcome devastations of loss caused by opioid addiction.

Their journey has led them to become motivated, empowered, and a resource for recovery and treatment services in their communities. Robin and Adrienne are both women in long-term recovery who will share solutions on how to obtain and sustain recovery. Robin has been in the field of addiction for over 20 years, and will share her journey of recovery and how she helps others. Arienne is a certified recovery specialist for Message Carriers and helps others navigate barriers, get help, and acquire hope. Lucy lost an adult son to a drug overdose and used her grief to develop Jade Wellness Centers, which provide treatment and hope for thousands of addicted individuals and families.