Academic Credits are available for current undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals looking to get further education credits.

Undergraduate Academic Credit (3 credits) Tuition Fees - SOC 481

  • In-state (Pennsylvania): $1,073.30
  • Out-of-state: $2,660.90

Graduate Academic Credit (3 credits) Tuition Fees

Master's Level: SOC 732

  • In-state (Pennsylvania): $1,824.05*
  • Out-of-state: $2,700.35*

Doctoral Level: SOC 832

  • In-state (Pennsylvania): $1,900.04*
  • Out-of-state: $2,784.80*

*Note: If you are in a high-demand program, the tuition fee could be higher. For accurate tuition fees, students should contact the Student Billing Office at 724-357-2207.

Professionals Looking to take the conference for academic credit

Preapplication is highly recommended. Application forms for graduate credit for participants not currently enrolled in an IUP degree program will be mailed with confirmation letters upon receipt of conference registrations. To save time and confusion, applying for credits before June 30 is highly recommended. Full attendance is mandatory at all sessions to receive academic credit.

Graduate Application Fee for those not currently enrolled in an IUP degree program: $50 nonrefundable (must be separate payment sent to the School of Graduate Studies and Research with your application to take the course).