Clifton Mitchell, PhD

Say good-bye to dull legal and ethical trainings and get your annual legal and ethical CE training in a dynamic, entertaining game show format! This presentation grew out of a recognition that most mental health professionals do not need another lecture on typical legal and ethical topics. What has been needed is a fun, stimulating way to review and learn from what they already know. Participants are broken into teams and each team has an electronic remote that sends the team's answer to legal and ethical questions presented. Answers from teams are graphed, posted, and discussed. A computer keeps scores for all to see. Questions are presented in various formats including Jeopardy-style where categories are chosen and questions get harder as point values increase. Management of some of the most perplexing legal and ethical quandaries will be explored. Topics include child abuse, confidentiality, dual relations, suicide, duty to warn, elder abuse, HIPAA, and more. The material is applicable to all disciplines, practices, and states.


  1. Define and explain critical legal and ethical terms.
  2. Describe the pitfalls and complexities posed by dual relationships.
  3. Discuss issues surrounding HIPAA compliance, duty to treat, and insurance fraud.
Target Audience: Clinical personnel, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists. Intermediate level. CE credits offered = 1.5 contact hours