Clifton Mitchell, PhD

Most people know more about how to program their VCR than their own mind! Dr. Mitchell's presentation will teach you how to program the first computer you ever owned - your mind. This entertaining educational presentation teaches the primary principles governing how your mind-computer works and provides the essential tools for effective mind-management. Understanding these principles will radically intensify the impact of your counseling communications upon clients and increase your therapeutic effectiveness. In addition, these principles provide you with the mental tools necessary for molding yourself into the person you want to be and for reaching your personally desired goals.


  1. Define what priming is and discuss how and why it has such a significant impact on mental processing.
  2. Incorporate priming techniques into the client-therapist dialogue to increase the impact of therapeutic communication.
  3. Create effective mental programming for breaking bad habits and reaching your personally desired goals.
Target Audience: Clinical personnel, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, educators. Introductory level. CE credits offered = 1.5 contact hours