Robert J. Ackerman, PhD

The greatest barrier to personal change, growth and recovery is often the inability to receive. How unfortunate it is to pursue change with all of your efforts only to find that you do not know how to receive and embrace recovery and healthy behaviors. This workshop will identify inabilities to receive and how each is maintained and prevents personal change. Strategies for overcoming inabilities will be addressed and strategies for utilizing existing and new strengths will be presented.


  1. Identify barriers that prevent the ability to receive positive benefits.
  2. List existing healthy traits in each person and techniques for further development.
  3. Describe strategies to receive and embrace treatment and recovery.
  4. Discuss principles of an ability-based approach to overcome the inability to receive from others.
Target Audience: Clinical personnel, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, educators. Intermediate level. CE credits offered = 1.5 contact hours