John T. McCarthy, Ph.D., NCC

Using Dr. McCarthy's morning plenary presentation as a foundation, this workshop will offer additional creative techniques to aid in one's professional development. Such techniques can be relatively simple in nature, helping oneself or others to be metacognitive, to think in directed ways, or to be empathetic. Such techniques will be drawn from the work of such people as deBono, Jacobs, Seelig, and Michalko.

Goals and Objectives

By the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. demonstrate at least two creative techniques;
  2. discuss how techniques from the presentation can be applied to their professional development;
  3. describe contributions to the field of creativity by such people as deBono, Jacobs, Seelig, and Michalko.

Presentation Outline

  1. Opening
    1. creativity exercise/activity
    2. overview of presentation
    3. outline learning objectives
  2. deBono: contributions to creativity
    1. parallel thinking
    2. Hats to think
    3. benefits of using this model
    4. applications
  3. Jacobs (2013): Impact Therapy
    1. the four M's
    2. why creative techniques?
    3. essential aids
    4. depth chart
    5. various techniques from Impact Therapy
  4. Other techniques
  5. Closing
    1. questions / answers / comments