Bryn Hogan

In this fun, interactive, and informative workshop, Bryn Hogan will show you the basic tools and techniques of the Son-Rise Program. Learn how to use some of the simple, child-centered strategies taught at the Autism Treatment Center of American to enter each child/adult's world and guide him/her back toward yours. Improve socialization, communication, and overall developmentplus, learn a way to handle tantrums and melt-downs that you may not have heard beforeall while working with (rather than against) the children/adults in your care. Addressing some of the principles from her morning lecture in more depth, Bryn will provide you with strategies that are deeply respectful, non-coercive, motivating, and bonding.

Goals and Objectives

By the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. understand and discuss ways to connect with children/adults with Autism and other developmental challenges;
  2. offer techniques to address tantrums and melt-downs while moving towards engagement.

Presentation Outline

  1. Description of "Joining" and how to apply with varied individuals
  2. Interactive Activity for building rapport with clients
  3. Discussion of information gleaned from activity
  4. The importance of Celebration and encouragement
  5. Helping our clients to "Unlearn" challenging behaviors
  6. Optimal learning/teaching environment
  7. Question and Answer Period