Carl Sullivan, MD

Addiction 101: Drugs of Abuse
by Carl R. Sullivan, M.D.

This presentation will be an overview of the spectrum of addicting drugs. It will organize drugs of addiction into four primary categories base on each drug's properties.

Goals and Objectives

By the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. identify the drugs of addiction;
  2. name the categories of addicting drugs;
  3. describe the similarities and differences between categories of addicting drugs.

Presentation Outline

  1. Drugs of Addiction
    1. Scope of Problem
    2. Animal Models of Addiction
    3. Human Experience
  2. Categories of Addicting Drugs
    1. Sedative - Hypnotics
    2. Opioids
    3. Stimulants
    4. Hallucinogens, etc.