Twenty-fifth Annual MARTI Summer School: "High Risk Children, Families, And Behavioral Health"

Academic Credit Course Requirements

Date: July 8 - 12, 2013

Professor: Melissa Swauger, Ph.D. / Alex Heckert, Ph.D.

Course Number:

  • Sociology 732 - Master's Level
  • Sociology 832 - Doctoral Level

Course Title: Special Topics: Addiction and the Family

Credits: 3

Course Requirements

  1. Register for academic credits, preferably before conference or at registration table, on Monday morning, July 8.
  2. Attendance at all presentations is mandatory, no exceptions.
  3. Please sign the attendance sheet at all workshops.
  4. Completion of a course reaction paper.


As part of your course requirements, you are expected to submit a scholarly paper on either children or adults from high-risk families. This paper should be on a topic discussed at the summer school that concentrates on a particular age group. For example, you might want to write a paper on working with adolescent high-risk youth from the presentation on working with groups. You may choose your topic from any of the presentations. Since many presentations were interrelated, you are expected to integrate information from at least three presentations. Your paper should be an in-depth elaboration of a topic presented. It should include relevant theories and research on your topic. You should use at least five to seven academic sources which integrate information from the conference into your paper. These papers will be graded with the same standards as they would for any three-credit graduate class.

Papers are to be typed; approximately 10-12 pages long, double-spaced, and due in our office (not postmarked) no later than Monday, August 5. Please list all information that you use in a standard bibliographical format, such as APA, ASA, or MLA. This included your references to the three specific presentations which you integrate with the information from the conference.

We will be available throughout the summer school to discuss your project.

The university will have a course transcript available online at the end of August.

Mail your papers to the following address:

MARTI Conference Paper
McElhaney Hall, Room 102
441 North Walk
Indiana, PA 15705